Oct 282012


It’s Here! George Washington, America’s Authentic Superhero Part II


The great follow up adventure is now available.





Now you can follow George Washington through the incredible events and adventures that culminated in the defeat of British General Cornwallis, first in the Southern Colonies and then at a final showdown at Yorktown Virginia; bringing the last major campaign of the War to a close. Cornwallis was the man Washington feared most, and who he called the best of Britain’s Generals. Then came the aftermath and struggle and eventual chaos that resulted in the separate States, as they each tried to look out for their own interests; which went against their collective good.

There was great need to come together for a new Constitution. No one would support it, as they didn’t trust the other, as many hard feelings had now developed; fearing all were self serving. It would take a centralizing charactor all could trust to get them to come. Someone who had proved he was neutral in the cause of America. It would take the leadership of George Washington. Yet he was ill and suffering from the long physical effects 0f the War and would not attend.

Hear all these wonderful stories of how the this drama unfolds; and the critical lessons he wished to pass on to the nation he loved and gave most of his life, energy and effort to help create. His service as its first president, setting things on firm ground, and then his wise counsel to those who followed after him. An amazing life by any measurement.

Don’t miss it !

Oct 252012

The Battle of General Braddock”

“George Washington, America’s Authentic Superhero” is an excellent new Audio Documentary on the Life of George Washington. Written and produced by Stephen Millet.


Here is a brief excerpt on the Battle of General Braddock. Washington served under this British General when he led them into an ambush in a mountain meadow, where many British soldiers were massacred by French and Indian troops hidden in the tree’s. Washington was saved in a miraculous turn of events, where He was not hit by a single bullet; as men fell dead all around him. After Braddock fell fatally wounded, Washington led the retreat rescuing the bleeding General from the field under fire.

From this experience Washington is today called “The bullet proof George Washington”.